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A11Y Style Guide - Carrie Fisher
Accessibility Checklist - irekrog
A collection of accessible scripts, made in ES2015 - van11y
Creating accessible menus and mega menus - levelaccess
How to Use ARIA Effectively with HTML5 - Sitepoint
IT Accessibility Handbook - NC State University
The ARIA Role Matrices - whatsock
The new guidelines in WCAG 2.1 explained - Alexander Skogberg
Web Accessibility Checklist - a11yproject.com
What is WAI-ARIA - Marco </p>


30 seconds of CSS - atomiks
An intro to CSS Grid - Lotte Jackson
Axiomatic CSS and Lobotomized Owls - Heydon Pickering
Collection of CSS snippets - justmarkup
Front-end Architecture, Brand Variables - Etch
Grid Layouts - Patrick Brosset
Learn CSS Grid - Jonathan Suh

CSS - Flexbox

A Visual Guide to CSS3 Flexbox Properties - Dimitar Stojanov

CSS - Grid

Grid to Flex - @una
The difference between width and flex basis - gedd.ski


Design Resource Sites - CSS Tricks


Free Essential eBooks for Web Designers & Web Developers - Bradley Nice
Front-End case studies - andrew--r
Front-End Developer Handbook 2018 - Cody Lindley
Front-End Developer Handbook 2017 - Cody Lindley
Inclusive Web Design Checklist - Heydon Pickering
Ludicrously Fast Page Loads - Nate Berkopec
Markdown: Syntax - John Gruber
Modern JS Cheatsheet - mbeaudru
On writing less damn code - Heydon Pickering
Shortcuts.design, keyboard shortcuts - Michel van Heest
The best front-end hacking cheatsheets — all in one place - Free Code Camp
Using Jekyll & GitHub Pages - Donovan Hutchinson


HEAD : A free guide toelements - Josh Buchea
Front-End Checklist - codeburst.io
HTML5 Cheatsheet - Bredley Nice
Managing Heading Levels In Design Systems - Heydon


Front end developer handbook - devJang


A perfect guide for cracking a JavaScript interview (A developer’s perspective) - Naren Arya
Becoming a Jekyll God - Garth Braithwaite


Essential Image Opitimisation - Addy Osmani


30 seconds of Code - Chalarangelo
A brief history of Javascript - Sebastián Peyrott
Creating a JS library - Checkman
ES6 cheatsheet - Swizec Teller
Getting Started with Webpack 2 - Drew Powers
Javascript Defering snippet - Max Bock
JavaScript Stack from Scratch - verekia
JS for all of us - Ben Howdle
Lazy loading guidance - Google
Plain JS - Pixabay
Lazy loading images using intersection observer - Dean Hume
Learn JavaScript Essentials - Eric Elliot
Offline forms - Max Bock
Preloading Images in Parallel with Promises - Hugo Giraudel
Setting up Webpack, Babel and React from scratch - Stanko
You don't know JS - getify

JS - Frameworks

The ultimate guide to JavaScript Frameworks - javascriptreport.com

JS - Vue

5 Awesome Boilerplates/Templates For VueJS Projects - Vuejs Developers
4 AJAX Patterns For Vue.js Apps - vuejsdevelopers.com
4 Essential ES2015 Features For Vue.js Development - vuejsdevelopers.com
How to Emit Data in Vue - Sunil Sandhu
Intro to Vue.js - CSS-Tricks
Understanding scoped slots in Vue.js - Cristi Jora
Vue Patterns - learn-vuejs

Module Bundler

Setting up webpack for Any Project - Scotch


Font Chcklist - zachleat.com Front-End Performance Checklist - pe7er
Understanding the critical rendering path - bitsofcode


React/Redux Links - markerikson(github)

SASS/CSS preprocessor

Getting To Know Stylus - Hugo Giraudel
SASS Control scope - CSS Tricks


Apache server configs - h5bp-bot


Animate SVG with CSS - Jonathan Suh
Illustrator to SVG - CSS-Tricks
Pocket Guide to Writing SVG - Joni Trythall
Understanding the SVG viewBox - the newcode.com