Hello, I'm Shane Prendergast. I make things online.

Ride for the Child

Black Diamond


Hello, my name is Shane Prendergast. I'm a developer who lives in Macclesfield, UK. I have a BSc (Hons) Web Design and Development degree from the University of Hull and I'm currently working at Gather Content.

Primarily a Front-end Developer, I also have a strong interest in Design and UX. At the moment I'm working with various Javascript frameworks and I'm passionate about creating - and constantly leaning about - Web Accessibility.

Webknit is an online pseudonym that I have used since my time at university and this website is a digital collection of my life, both work and personal.



FedNow Explorer

Funky site for the Federal Reserve. React, Next.js, Custom Google maps, user journey, resource library.

Black Diamond

Statistics and streaks from a range of football leagues for the purposes of finding the best odds in betting markets.


Ride For The Child

In September 2016 I cycled 3200 miles across America over a period of 28 days. I raised over £12k for children with deafness or cancer. The website was a central hub of information.

Chasing Challenges

Create and showcase challenges using synced activities from the world's most popular human tracking service, Strava.

Life In Numbers

A project which outputs some interesting facts digits based on a users DOB.