I'm back in my hometown to see the New Year in with my parents and I woke up early to a very frosty morning. I took a quick shot out on our back field and decided to bomb around town and take some pictures of Scarborough while the sky was such a great colour.

I started off at the highest point in Scarborough, Olivers Mount. On my way up I passed all the football fields I used to play on when I was younger and made my way round the back towards the huge war memorial which overlooks the most breathtaking view of the town.

I moved onto the sea front, starting on the South Bay and moving around to the North. Scarborough's fishing industry is still active, though only a shadow of its former self. The seafront has kept many of its traditional buildings and it's overlooked by the 3000 year old - half standing - castle. The waves constantly pound the new sea defences round the North bay and 'Freddie Gilroy' - the giant steel man structure - is constantly wet and cold!


It destroys me to say that Scarborough FC dissolved in 2007. I have many happy childhood memories from the ground that used to stand witin those gates. Sadly this is all that's left from my "football club", I've not been able to bring myself to support anyone else and the death of SFC signalled the end of my real love for football. :-(

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