In September 2016 I cycled the width of America and rasied over £13,000 for children with deafness or cancer. You read more about this on the website Here is a collection of some of my favourite photos.


I'm massively indebted to the four people that came with me on the ride. Rob, Matty Jordan and Chris, also know as the dream team!


I covered 3200 miles over a period of 28 consective days. A typical day was between 8-12 hours including the food stops.


America is NOT flat! Whilst you don't see many gradients above 10%, you ride mile after mile of ascent. On my second day I had a 68 mile climb, SIXTY EIGHT. However it has to be said the views once you reach the top - plus the descent back down - offered some of the best feelings I've experienced in my life.

The country

America was a huge eyeopener and never before had I seen such huge vast open spaces. Cycling mile after mile through a desert is a crazy experience. Roads that go straight for 100's of miles with absolutely nothing along them. As I moved further east everything became greener and the roads became more densely populated.

The pain

I trained hard for a year and the ride went better than I expected. However, there were some awfully low moments where I thought I wouldn't make it.

Amazing memories

The trip was a once in a lifetime event and I feel very lucky to have experienced it, especially with such great people. The memories will last forever.

I cycled America

Crossing the finish line was one of the proudest moments of my life. I achieved everything that I set out to achieve and so much more.

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