Following last years trip to Dortmund we headed to Eindhoven, a city located in the south of the Netherlands. It's the 5th largest city in Holland and has a very lively nightlife, with one street apparently having the highest concentration of bars in the whole of Europe.

Philips Family

The Philips family are very much admired and respected within Eindhoven. There are several statues and references to them around the city. A huge statue of Frits Philips stands in the city square, there is a museum dedicated to the company and the football team PSV are actually know as "Philips Sports Club".

We had a similar line up to last year, with a few new faces!

There is an extensive network of bicycle paths throughout Eindhoven, something that exists throughout many other Dutch cities.

PSV match

On the Saturday evening we attended the PSV match against Willem II. It was the best live match I have ever attended, with PSV one goal behind with six minutes left before they went on to score two late - unanswered - goals.

Above our seats the Willem fans appeared to be one huge gang and they were going crazy throughout the match. They smelt blood after they went 2-1 behind and lots of death threats were on display to the cursing PSV fans below them!

PSV new signing

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